Where Are The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Seattle? Top 9 Places To Check Out

Are You Relocating To Or Within The City Of Seattle, Washington? There Is A Lot More To Seattle Than Just Its Delicious Coffee, Its Football Team, And The Space Needle.

Before You Commit To A Lease In A New Location, We Recommend That You Look Into The Following Nine Communities First.

How Did We Pick Seattle’s Best Neighborhoods?

The City Of Seattle Is Well-Known For A Variety Of Things, Including A Great Coffee Culture (Hello, Starbucks And Artisan Coffee Shops), A Booming Job Market With Over Two Headquarters Of Fortune 500 Companies (Including Industry Giants Such As Amazon And Microsoft), And A Hipster Vibe That Is Infused With Waterfront Fun.

Seattle Is Waiting For You Whether You Want To Enjoy One Of The Most Fantastic Cups Of Coffee In The United States, Experience A Lifestyle That Is Different From That Of A Typical City In The United States, Visit A Progressive City That Is Focused On Sustainability, Or Any Combination Of These Things.

However, Navigating This City, Which Is Characterized By Its Proximity To Mountains, Grunge Music, And Several Waterside Attractions, Can Be Challenging. When It Comes To Moving To A New City, Location, Location, Location Is The Most Important Factor, Just As It Is With Everything Else.

You’ll Need To Do Some Research To Determine Which Location Offers A Healthy Work-Life Balance, The Ideal Ratio Of Coffee To Brew, And A Price Tag That Won’t Force You To Empty All Of Your Savings Accounts At Once.

In Order To Assist You In Locating The Ideal Neighborhood – One In Which The Coffee Is Excellent, The Beer Is Ice Cold, And The Locals Are As Welcoming As They Come – We Have Produced A Detailed List Of The 9 Best Neighborhoods That You Should Take Into Consideration.

Even Better, We Have Devised A Grading System For Each Of Them In Order To Make This Selection Appear To Be As Straightforward As Locating A Coffee Shop In Seattle.

The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Seattle.

1. Mount Baker & Columbia City

Ideal For Young Professionals Who Appreciate The Peace And Quiet Of The Evening But Yet Want To Take Advantage Of Everything That Seattle Has To Offer. We Have Attained The Pinnacle Of Achievement At Last.

When It Comes To Settling Down In The Emerald City, These Are Our Top Recommendations. Mount Baker And Columbia City Are Two Neighborhoods That, Thanks To Their Offerings, Convenient Location, And Welcoming Community, Have Earned Our Prestigious First Place.

You Know That You’ve Got A Good Site When It’s Located Just Southeast Of Downtown, Along Lake Washington, And Less Than 15 Minutes’ Drive From King County International Airport.

Both Communities Revolve On Rainier Avenue As Their Primary Thoroughfare. You’ll Discover Well-Known Restaurants In It, Such As Geraldine’s Counter, Which Is Well-Known In Seattle For Serving French Toast And Other Types Of Comfort Food.

Visit The Pho Bac Restaurant For Some Mouthwatering Traditional Vietnamese Fare. You Can Try Something More Traditional Like Fish And Chips At Emerald City, Or You Can Explore The Many Other Restaurants In The Area To Discover Your New Go-To Dish.

You May Get The Right Pick-Me-Up For A Hectic Day Or The Ideal Environment To Get In The Zone For Your Work Projects In Any Area In Seattle, And You’ll Discover Some Outstanding Coffee Roasters In Each Of Those Neighborhoods.

The Community In These Two Areas Is Fairly Close-Knit, And They Frequently Come Together For Yard Sales, Potlucks, Parties, And Other Social Events Throughout The Year.

If You Enjoy The Winter Holidays, It Will Come As Good News To Learn That Their Christmas Extravaganza Is An Event That Should Not Be Missed.

When You Live In Seattle, Having Lake Washington Right Outside Your Front Door Is A Fantastic Way To Take Advantage Of All The Activities And Sights That Seattle’s Waterfront Has To Offer.

When Contemplating Seattle, It Is Important To Take Into Account These Two Areas Because They Do Not Have Absurdly High Prices,

In Addition To Having Attractive Greenways Created By Olmsted, Gorgeous Beaches, A Light Rail Station, And Convenient Access To The Central Business District.

Even Though They Do Not Have A Vibrant Nightlife Like Capitol Hill Or Other Districts, Their Restaurants, Taprooms, And Community Club Will Keep You Entertained Throughout The Day And Into The Night.

The Rankings Were Derived By Assigning Points To Each Neighborhood On A Scale From One To Five For Each Of The Following Categories, With Five Representing The Very Best.

2. Ballard & Fremont

It Is An Ideal Location For The Creative Types And Bohemian Types That Are Looking For A Charming Area That Is Close To The City Center. Let’s Go With The Top Two!

Even Though They Are Adjacent To One Another, The Neighborhoods Of Ballard And Fremont Are Distinct From One Another In Spite Of The Fact That They Have Some Things In Common.

Nevertheless, Both Of These Neighborhoods Are Wonderful Places To Settle Down And Are Among The Most Desirable In All Of Seattle.

Ballard Is A Neighborhood In Seattle That Is Located On The Waterfront And Has A Deep Scandinavian Past That Has Permeated The Local Culture. On The Other Hand, Fremont Is Situated Near The Canal And Exudes A Significantly More Artistic And Bohemian Air Than Ballard Does.

On The Other Hand, They Have Some Of The Same Demographic Statistics. For Instance, The Average Age Of Both Groups Is Rather Comparable. The Number For Ballard Is 34, And The Number For Fremont Is 32.

Both Are Teeming With Students And Young Professionals, Who Are Largely Responsible For The Vibrant And Contagious Energy That Permeates These Areas.

Those Who Have A Passion For Art With A Quirky Aesthetic Will Adore Fremont. Have You Ever Lived In A Neighborhood Where There Was A Troll, A Skyrocket, A Gigantic Statue Of Lenin (Which Was Known To Cause A Lot Of Controversy), And A Few Dinosaurs?

Large Statues Depicting All Of These Items And Many Others Can Be Found Dotted All Across The Area Of Fremont.

Those Of You Who Take Pleasure In Spending Time In A Park Near The Water Will Be Pleased To Learn That The Neighborhoods Of Ballard And Fremont Each Contain Three Such Parks.

There Is The Fremont Canal Park, Golden Gardens Park, And The Ballard Locks Park.

These Two Locations Both Receive An Astounding Four Out Of A Possible Five Points For Their Reasonable Prices.

This Is Primarily Due To The Fact That There Is Something Available For Any Budget, And Because Ballard Is Slightly Further Away From Downtown Than Queen Anne, It Does Not Have The Same High Price Tag That Queen Anne Does.

All Of The Entertainment Categories Receive A Perfect Score As A Result Of The Large Number Of Trendy Bars, Unique Stores, Small Boutiques, And Excellent Restaurants That Can Be Found In These Areas.

You’ll Find Everything You Need In Fremont And Ballard, Whether You’re Looking For An Elegant Photo Frame, A Hip Barbershop, Or A Plant Shop With So Many Different Kinds Of Plants That You Might Mistake It For A Garden.

Reuben’s Brew, Located In Ballard, Is The Brewery That Has Received The Most Accolades Across All Of Washington State. Take A Seat And Relax With A Pint Of Your Current Go-To India Pale Ale (Ipa).

Ballard And Fremont Area Neighborhoods That Are Worth Looking Into If You Are Interested In Living Near One Of The Cleanest Beaches In Seattle, A Well-Known Brewery, Or Beautiful Artwork That Will Keep You Captivated For Days.

Boredom Will Be A Thing Of The Past Thanks To The Bohemian Atmosphere, The Wonderful Nature, And The Extensive Array Of Things To Do That Are Available.

The Rankings Were Derived By Assigning Points To Each Neighborhood On A Scale From One To Five For Each Of The Following Categories, With Five Representing The Very Best.

3. Capitol Hill

Ideal For Those Individuals Who Believe That Hard Work Should Be Rewarded With Hard Partying.

Capitol Hill Is Widely Considered To Be The Most Diverse And Welcoming Neighborhood In All Of Seattle. Due To The Fact That It Is Also The One With The Most Personality And The Most Wonderful Nightlife, It Has Earned A Shared Placement On The Third Place, Which Is Well-Deserved.

Capitol Hill Is Calling Your Name If You Are A Student At Seattle University, A Student At Seattle Central College, Or A Young Professional Wishing To Live In The Side Of The City That Is The Most Alive And Bustling.

However, While Receiving A Perfect Score In All Entertainment Categories As Well As Walkability, Beauty, And Park, It Only Received A Score Of Two Out Of Five In The Affordability Category.

It Should Not Come As A Surprise That A Neighborhood With Such Good Ratings Will Have A High Asking Price.

The Neighborhood’s Public Transit Receives A Score Of Four Out Of Five, However The High Walkability And Restricted Parking Space Make It A Realistic Possibility To Live Here Without A Car Due To The Combination Of These Two Factors.

Because Seattle As A Whole Is Particularly Conscious Of Its Impact On The Environment, It’s Possible That Your Bumble Date Will Appreciate The Fact That You Don’t Own A Car.

The Century Ballroom Is A Sparkling Jewel That May Be Seen On Capitol Hill. Every Club’s Windows Will Be Playing Classic Jazz Music On Wednesdays, Sundays, And Most Saturdays, And You’ll Be Able To Hear It Coming From All Of Them. Not Into Jazz?

What Do You Think Of Some Tango, Bachata, Or Salsa? Yes, All Of Those Things Are Offered There As Well, Including Dancing Classes And Everything Else.

You’ll Find A Wide Range Of Folks In Capitol Hill, The Likes Of Whom You Might Not Encounter Elsewhere.

There Is The Gay Community, The It Man Community, The Straight Folks Community, The Young Hipster Community, And Even The Hippy Group. The Neighborhood Of Capitol Hill Is Known As Seattle’s “Melting Pot.”

You Won’t Be Disappointed When It Comes To The Quality Of The Food And Drink Available, Since There Are Many Excellent Local Breweries And Restaurants To Choose From.

In Addition, There Are Many Vegan Options Available, And Many People Believe That The Best Ice Cream In Town Can Be Obtained At Molly Moons.

Capitol Hill Is The Epitome Of A Neighborhood That Is Both Trendy And Hipster, Yet There Is Still A Significant Amount Of Work Being Done There.

You Should Come Here For The Atmosphere, But You Should Also Stick Around For The Beverages, The Cuisine, The Company, And The Independent Films Playing At The Egyptian Theater.

The Rankings Were Derived By Assigning Points To Each Neighborhood On A Scale From One To Five For Each Of The Following Categories, With Five Representing The Very Best.

4. Wallingford & Greenlake

Ideal For Those Individuals Who Lead Active Lifestyles And Are Searching For A Fantastic Location To Jog, Swim, Bike, And Kayak.

On Our List, We’ve Finally Reached The Top Three Spots! Wallingford And Greenlake Are Often Considered To Be Two Of The Most Desirable Neighborhoods In All Of Seattle.

Why? Because They Offer You Exactly What You’re Looking For By Providing You With Nature, A Lake, Magnificent Residences, Pleasant Streets, And The Ideal Combination Of City And Small-Town Feelings, They Have Everything You Could Want.

These Two Communities Each Contain A Healthy Mix Of Different Types Of Residents, Including Young Professionals, Seniors, Hipsters, And Families. This Demonstrates That You Will Be Able To Locate Whatever It Is That You Are Seeking For Right Here.

Wallingford And Greenlake Are The Neighborhoods In Seattle That Are Most Suited For People Who Enjoy Being Outside And Who Are Interested In Leading Active Lifestyles.

You Will Be Able To Go Jogging, Swimming, Kayaking, And Getting A Beautiful Tan Thanks To The Fact That The Gas Works Park, Woodland Park, And Green Lake Park Are All Nearby.

You’ll Want To Equip Yourself With A Sturdy Pair Of Hiking Shoes And A Few Bikinis That Feature The Image Of Your Favorite Fruit, Since You’ll Need Both Of These Things In Order To Make The Most Of Your Time In These Areas.

If You Want To Run For Days On End And Prepare For A Marathon, A Half Marathon, Or Just Achieve That Toned Figure For Your Tinder Picture, It Will Also Be A Good Idea To Get Some Cool Shades And Premium Spotify So That You May Do So.

Even Though There Are Some Unique Restaurants And Microbreweries In These Neighborhoods – Which Earn It A Score Of Four Out Of Five For Nightlife And Entertainment – If You’re Looking For A Wild Night Full Of Dancing Without Stopping,

You’ll Have Better Luck In Other Neighborhoods Or In The Downtown Area Itself. The Advantage Is That It Is Only A Fifteen-Minute Drive From The City Center.

These Two Places Are Very Desirable For A Number Of Reasons, One Of Which Is The Fact That They Rank First And Second, Respectively, Among Our Top Three Areas In Terms Of Safety.

When You Are Making Plans To Go For A Run At Night, There Is Always Something Amazing That Can Happen.

Wallingford And Greenlake Provide Precisely What It Is That You’re Looking For, Regardless Of Whether You Enjoy The Commotion And Activity Of City Life Or Would Rather Live In The Peace And Seclusion Of A Small Town In The Middle Of The Woods.

Both Of These Locations Have Something To Offer Everyone. The Fact That The Seattle Zoo Is Right Next Door Is A Nice Added Benefit, Making It A Great Location For When Friends And Family Come To Town.

5. North Queen Anne

It’s The Ideal Location For College Students And Young Professionals Who Wish To Work Downtown And Live In One Of Seattle’s Most Beautiful Neighborhoods At The Same Time.

The Skyline Of Seattle Is Captured In Virtually Every Photograph By Looking North Toward Queen Anne Hill. Because This Community Is Situated On A Large Hill, The Views That May Be Enjoyed From Your Property Will Vary According To How High Up The Hill It Is.

However, One Thing Is Certain: Given The Abundance Of Things To Do And The Steep Hills You’ll Encounter, You’ll Either Need To Pack Your Most Active Clothing Or Bring A Car That Can Get You Everywhere You Want To Go Quickly.

Either Way, This Is Your Chance To Get Those Legs As Toned As You’ve Always Wanted Them To Be!

Lower Queen Anne Has A Few Distinguishing Characteristics That Set It Apart From Its Counterpart, North Queen Anne, Which Is Often Known As Upper Queen Anne Or Just Queen Anne.

The Area Now Known As Lower Queen Anne Was Once A Part Of Downtown. This History Is Still Seen In The City’s Bustling Nightlife And General Atmosphere Of Activity.

Instead, North Queen Anne Offers Residents The Finest Of Both The City And The Suburbs Of Seattle In One Convenient Location.

In Addition To Having A Welcoming And Supportive Community Atmosphere, North Queen Anne Is Home To Some Of The City’s Most Breathtaking Vistas Of The Surrounding Area.

In Spite Of The Fact That The Area Of Queen Anne Gives Off An Image Of Respectability And Opulence Because Of Its Manicured Front Lawns And Historic Victoria Townhomes, It Is, In Fact, A Cozy And Low-Key Place To Live.

You’ll Find All Sorts Of People Living In This Neighborhood, From Young Professionals And Couples To Families Who Have Settled Down In Seattle To International College Students Attending Seattle Pacific University.

You Will Be Able To Locate Things Like The Rosebud Motel, Which Is A Tribute Installation To The Television Show Schitt’s Creek, Among The Available Options For Your Enjoyment.

Both The How To Kill A Wolf, A Highly Regarded Italian Restaurant (Where, Contrary To Popular Belief, Wolves Are Not On The Menu), And The Interbay Athletic Complex Can Also Be Found Here.

The Recreational Options, As Well As The Public Transit, Schools, And Overall Safety In North Queen Anne Each Receive A Well-Deserved Four Out Of A Possible Five Stars.

When Thinking About Moving To Seattle, This Is Without A Doubt A Fantastic Neighborhood To Look Into.

6. West Seattle

For Those Who Want To Live Close To Seattle’s Most Popular Beach And The City’s Best Green Area, This Location Is Ideal.

It’s Hard To Overstate The Importance Of West Seattle In Seattle. You’ll Be Able To Enjoy The Best Of Both The Land And The Water, As Well As The Fascinating History Of Seattle.

In The Southwest Of Seattle, West Seattle Is Surrounded By Water On Three Sides And Is A True Representation Of Seattle’s Natural Beauty. Greenbelt In West Seattle’s Eastern Section Is An Excellent Place To Get Away From City Life While Still Being Close To Nature.

One Third Of Seattle’s Green Spaces And Urban Woods Are Located In West Seattle. The Lovely Chinese Garden Is Also Nearby If You’re Looking For Some Peace And Tranquility.

You’ll Also Get A Taste Of Seattle’s Rich History In This Neighbourhood. You Can See Where The Denny Party Landed Just 170 Years Ago From Alki Point. Every Year Since 1950, During The Week-Long Seafair Festival,

A Reenactment Of The Famous Landing Has Taken Place. Also, There’s The Log House Museum, Which Is A Great Place To Spend A Sunday.

Alki Beach, Seattle’s Most Popular Beach, Is Just A Short Walk From Alki Point. It’s A Great Time To Spend Time With Loved Ones, Whether It’s Your Significant Other Or A Date.

If You’re Looking To Get Some Sun In The Afternoon Or Get Some Sun In The Morning, This Is The Place For You.

West Seattle Junction Serves As The Neighborhood’s Commercial Center. Many Restaurants, Cafes And Boutiques Can Be Found In The Building’s Lower Level.

To Be Honest, It’s Not The Best Place To Meet New People If You’re Single And Looking For A Date Night Or A Night Out With Friends.

West Seattle’s Laid-Back Residential Vibe Is Ideal For People Who Want To Get A Little Bit Of Nature Into Their Everyday Routine.

You’ll Also Be Able To Experience A More Active City Life Thanks To The City’s Good Accessibility Through A Short Drive Or Bike Ride.

7. Beacon Hill

There Are Many Young Professionals Who Are Seeking For A Diversified Community And The Right Balance Between Beer And Coffee. Seattle’s Beacon Hill Is One Of The City’s Most Historic Residential Areas.

Is One Among Seattle’s More Cosmopolitan Communities As Well. As A Result Of Its Diverse Population, The Area Has Evolved Into What It Is Now, A Harmonious Fusion Of Ethnic Cuisines And A Friendly, Accepting Neighborhood.

El Quetzal And Baja Bistro Both Serve Wonderful Tacos And Quesadillas, While Wicked Chopstix And DimSum House Serve Real Asian Cuisine. It Doesn’t Matter What You’re In The Mood For; You’ll Find It Here.

Beacon Hill Station Is Located In The Middle Of The Commercial District. You Can Go To The City Center In 15 Minutes And The Airport In Less Than 30 Minutes By Taking The Light Rail In This Area.

One Of The Best Places To Live If You Don’t Want To Drive Is Beacon Hill Thanks To The Light Rail, Bike Lanes And Hiking Trails. This Will Save You Money That Can Be Used To Eat Delicious Food From Across The World.

If You Visit Jefferson Park, You’ll Have Plenty Of Options For Entertainment. You’ll Be Able To Practise Your Swing On A Course That’s Almost A Century Old. The Community Programme Of Edible Trees Will Also Allow You To Learn About Gardening And Enjoy Some Excellent Self-Grown Food.

One Other Social Justice Non-Profit To Be Found On Beacon Hill Is El Centro De La Raza. Community-Building Organization Aimed At Empowering Individuals Of All Races And Income Levels. Are You In A Good Mood To Help Others? See What A Difference You Can Make By Helping Out At This Center As A Volunteer.

The Beacon Hill Branch Of Seattle Public Library Is Right Across The Street, Which Is Great News For Anyone Who Enjoys Reading.

There Are Lots Of Eccentric Artisan Cafés Where You May Relax With A Cup Of Coffee And Your Favorite Book If A Library Isn’t Your Style.

Plenty Of Activities Are Available In Beacon Avenue From Yoga Studios To Breweries To Bike Shops Too Expensive Pizza Restaurants For Those Lazy Saturday Evenings.

Beacon Hill Has Less Amenities Than Other Sections Of Seattle. In Spite Of This, It Has Everything You Need For A Taste Of Seattle Life.

8. Madrona & Leschi

The Ideal Location For Young Professionals Who Want To Be Close To The City Center While Yet Experiencing A More Laid-Back Atmosphere. East Of Downtown Seattle, On The Shores Of Lake Washington, Lie The Madrona And Leschi Neighborhoods.

They Have Stunning Views, Excellent Schools, And All The Conveniences You Could Possibly Want Or Need.

When You Travel Into These Sister Districts, You’ll Discover A Plethora Of Bistros, Cafes, And Boutiques That You’ve Never Heard Of Before. There Are Four Out Of Five Stars For Shopping And Dining On 34th Street In These Communities.

The Leschi Park Marina Is A Great Place To Get A View Of The Water. It Is Possible To Dine At The Blue Water Bistro, Where You May Savor Local Seafood While Seeing Boats Moored Along The Waterfront.

A Bit More Vegetation Can Be Found At Madrona Park, Which Is Located Along The Waterfront. Hiking Up The Madrona Creek Is A Great Way To Get Away From The City. Leschi Park And Frink Park Are Also Nearby. You Can Ride Your Bike, Jog With Your Family, Or Go For A Romantic Stroll At Any Location.

A Fantastic Location, Surrounded By Nature, And Well-Maintained Craftsman Homes Dominate The Streets Of These Two Neighborhoods: Seattle.

Come For The Views, Stay For The Vibes At This Rooftop Bar.

9. Montlake

As A Young Professional Searching For An Area With Great Walkability And Schools, This Is A Great Place To Start Your Career. Nearby Portage Bay And The City Of Seattle’s Most Wealthy Neighborhoods, Montlake Is The Place To Be.

This Neighborhood Is Ideal For Young Professionals Who Want To Live With Roommates And Enjoy A Laid-Back Atmosphere.

Washington Park Arboretum Uw Botanic Gardens Will Be A Welcome Addition For Those Who Enjoy Nature. Walking, Biking, And Jogging Are All Made Easier In This Lush Setting.

In Montlake, You’ll Find Top-Notch Coffee Shops, Such As Café Lago, Which Serves Up Delectable Italian Fare, And Fuel Coffee, Which Has A More Upbeat Vibe. Others Exist, And You’ll Soon Find Your Preferred Coffee Shop Among Them.

Montlake Is The Place To Be If You Want To Live In A Vibrant Neighborhood Where Everyone Will Greet You With Open Arms. These People Organize Charity Runs And 5k Races, With All The Earnings Going To The University District Food Bank.

As A Result, You’ll Enjoy Your Physical Well-Being While Also Knowing That You’re Contributing Significantly To Society. To Meet Your Other Half Of The Turkey Trot, Wink, Wink.

Because Of Its High Walkability, Beauty And Parks, And Safety Ratings, The Area Of Montlake, Washington, Is A Haven For Those Seeking A Low-Key Existence Surrounded By Natural Beauty.

There’s No Shortage Of Nightlife Options Within A Short Distance Of Your Home If You’d Want To Go Out.

When Moving to Seattle, Here’s What You Should Know?

It’s Time To Take A Look At The Statistics For Some Of Seattle’s Best Neighborhoods.

First, Let’s Take A Look At The Smaller Figures. Affordability, Public Transportation, Nightlife & Entertainment, And Point Of Interest All Had An Average Score Of Less Than Four Out Of Five.

As A Result, Many Of Seattle’s Most Desirable Neighborhoods Are Located Outside Of The City’s Core And So Miss Out On The City’s Dynamic Nightlife And Fascinating Attractions.

Now, Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Best Parts. Parks And Gardens Scored The Highest With An Average Of 4.8 Out Of 5. Besides, A City With Mountains, Parks, Lakes, And Canals Is A Metropolis That Will Have A Magnificent Backdrop.

Schools, As Well As Retail And Dining Establishments, Scored Exceptionally Well, At 4.3 And 4.4, Respectively. Seattle Is A Fantastic Place To Start A Family In The Near Future.

Washington’s City Neighborhoods Scored An Average Of 39.4 Points Out Of A Possible 50 Points.

Once You Get To Know Your Neighbors In Seattle, You’ll Find That The City Has A Reputation For Having Nice But Distant Residents Known As The “Seattle Freeze” And A Smattering Of Crime.

You’ve Always Wanted To Live In A City Where You’d Have Access To Trendy Coffee Shops, An Active Job Market, And Some Of The World’s Best Nature And Outdoor Activities Just Outside Your Door.

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