There Are 11 Restaurants In Seattle That You Really Have To Visit.

The City Of Seattle Has A Plethora Of Dining Establishments To Choose From, And Its Chefs Are Among The Most Skilled In The Country. We Have Completed The Necessary Research.

Yes, We Have Been To A Huge Number Of Restaurants In The Seattle Area, Many Of Which Have Since Closed Their Doors, And As A Result, We Are More Than Equipped To Compile A List Of The Top Eateries In The City That Everyone Should Visit At Least Once.

When Members Of Our Family Come To Visit Us In Seattle, We Take Them To These Specific Eateries. They Have Been Around For A While And Have Proven That They Offer Wonderful Food, Great Ambiance, And An Overall Fantastic Eating Experience.

This Is Evidenced By The Fact That They Have Passed All Of The Tests.

These Are Arranged In No Particular Sequence And Are Provided To You. There Is No Need To Put Them In Any Particular Order Because They Are All Excellent.

In Addition, “Popular” And “New” Are Not Criteria That Were Used To Compile This Ranking. Some Of These Establishments Have Been There Since The Beginning Of Time, And Others Are Hidden Treasures In The Surrounding Area.

This List Is Simply Our Sincere View Of The Top Restaurants In Seattle, Which Are Establishments That We Frequent For No Other Reason Than The Fact That They Are Incredible.

Among Seattle’s Best Restaurants

Terra Plata

Terra Plata Is One Of Those Restaurants That Is Ideal For Special Occasions Because Of Its Convenient Position On The West Side Of Capital Hill And Its Proximity To Downtown, Both Of Which Can Be Reached On Foot In A Short Amount Of Time.

It Has A Romantic And Classy Atmosphere, Which Makes It A Wonderful Spot For Supper, But It’s Also Fantastic For Breakfast.

On The Upper Level Of The Building Is A Fantastic Outdoor Terrace That Offers A View And Is Equipped With Heaters So That You Can Remain Comfortable Even On The Chillier Days.

Terra Plata Is A Mediterranean Restaurant With A Concept Called “Earth To Plate,” Which Features Unusual Flavor Combinations And Foods That Diners May Not Have Experienced Before.

The Crispy Brussels Sprouts, The Creste Di Gallo Pasta, And The Local Chanterelle And Lobster Mushroom Potato Soup Are Some Of Our Faves Here At The Restaurant.

The Pink Door

You’re Probably Wondering If There’s Genuinely A Pink Door To Get Into This Facility, And I’m Here To Tell You That There Is! You May Locate It By Exiting Post Alley And Looking For The Door That Is A Pale Pink Color.

There Are Several Reasons Why This Restaurant Is Considered To Be Among The Best In The Seattle Area.

Be Prepared To Make Reservations Well In Advance. Even Though It’s Been There For A Long Time, There’s Always A Good Reason Why It’s So Crowded. To Begin, They Provide Traditional Italian Dishes That Are Prepared To A Very High Standard.

Both The Lasagna And The Pappardelle With The Meat Sauce Are Delicious To Me. Delicious. Cioppino, A Regional Specialty Of The Pacific Northwest, Can Even Be Found On The Restaurant’s Menu.

However, Perhaps The Most Exciting Aspect About The Pink Door Is That It Also Serves As A Location For Live Performances. In The Dining Room, There Will Be A Burlesque Act As Well As Trapeze Artists Who Will Swing From The Trapeze That Is Directly Above Your Heads.

This Is The Place To Come If You’re Seeking Something Special And Entertaining To Do In Your Spare Time.

In Addition To That, The Outdoor Patio Offers A Breathtaking Panorama. It Is Widely Considered To Be One Of The City’s Premier Dining Destinations During The Warm Summer Months.

The Number Of Wonderful Things That Can Be Said About This Location Is Simply Insufficient. You Can Book Reservations And Find Out The Particular Performance Hours By Visiting Their Website.


Since It Is Located In The Fremont District, There Are Very Few Times When Revel Is Not Crowded With People Looking To Satisfy Their Hunger.

Rachel Yang And Seif Chirchi, A Husband-And-Wife Cooking Combination Who Are Swiftly Creating An Empire In Seattle, Are The Owners Of The Restaurant Revel, Which Specializes In Korean Foods Prepared With French Technique And Is Housed In A Contemporary And Industrially Constructed Environment.

Diners Are Welcome To Sit At One Side Of The Prep Table And Observe The Activities Taking Place On The Other Side Of The Fully Transparent Kitchen.

Their Noodle And Rice Bowls, Dumplings, And Cocktails Have Garnered The Most Of Their Notoriety Throughout The Years.

Art of the Table

The Restaurant Art Of The Table Can Be Found On The Very Edge Of The Downtown Area In Seattle. A Restaurant That Was Once A Quaint Eatery Has Been Transformed Into A Contemporary Establishment That Is Filled With Abundant Natural Light And Buzzing With Activity.

They Prepare Food That Is Original, Appropriate For The Season, Created From Ingredients Purchased Locally, And Is Prepared Totally From Scratch.

If You Are Fortunate Enough To Snag A Seat At The Chef’s Table, Which Is Located In The Dining Area With A View Of The Kitchen, You Will Be Able To Observe The Chef As He Or She Prepares The Mouthwatering Dishes.

The Best Option Here Is To Go For The Tasting Menu. Every Dish Is More Exquisite Than The One Before It. Not Only Does The Presentation Make One’s Mouth Wet, But The Food Itself Is Of An Exceptional Quality As Well.

You Can See That A Lot Of Thought And Care Went Into Creating That Menu. And It’s The Kind Of Supper That Leaves A Lasting Impression.

My Opinion Is That It Is One Of The Top Restaurants In Seattle, And That It Is An Excellent Choice For Celebrating Important Milestones Or Other Important Events.

Staple & Fancy

I Know I Just Said I Wasn’t Going To Rank Anything In This List, But If I Were, I’d Put Staple & Fancy At The Top. This Eatery Is One Of My Favorites. The Interior Is Dim, And The Exposed Brick And Beams That Were There When The Previous Tenant Was There Proudly Create An Atmosphere.

Ethan Stowell, A Prominent Figure In The Seattle Restaurant Industry, Is The Proprietor Of This Establishment. Because It Provides The Best “Experience” Overall, We Bring All Of Our Guests Who Are Visiting From Out Of Town Here.

Whenever We Go Out To Eat, We Always Get The Chef’s Menu, Which Costs Sixty Dollars And Consists Of A Variety Of Appetizers That Are Brought To The Table All At Once, A Pasta Course, A Main Meal, And A Dessert.

The Food Is Consistently Excellent, And It Is Thrilling To Anticipate What New Creations Will Emerge From The Kitchen Next.

Rockcreek Seafood & Spirits

When People Ask Me Where They Can Get The Best Seafood In Seattle, They Are Often Shocked When I Don’t Recommend Going To A Place That Is Located On The Water. On The Waterfront, There Are A Few Seafood Restaurants That Provide Decent Meals, But If You Want The Best, You Should Go To Rockcreek Seafood & Spirits In Fremont (Lucky For You, The Best Burger In Seattle Is Right Next Door At Uneeda Burger).

The Interior Of Rockcreek Is Very Distinctive In Its Design. It Was Constructed Almost Entirely Out Of Recycled Wood And Features A Dining Room That Spans Two Levels.

They Serve Sustainable Seafood From All Over The World, Including, Of Course, Some Of The Most Delicious Seafood From The Pacific Northwest.


Rachel Yang And Seif Chirchi, Two Prominent Figures In The Local Food Scene, Opened Their First Restaurant Together, Joule. Joule, In Addition To Their Other Restaurant, Revel, Features Yang’s Signature Take On Traditional Korean Fare.

It’s A Sort Of Korean-Fusion Steakhouse With A Flavor Profile Reminiscent Of The Pacific Northwest.

In Addition To Less Common Cuts Of Beef Such As Bavette And Tri-Tip, The Restaurant Offers Dishes Such As Short Rib, A Pretty Outstanding Kalbi Burger, Grilled Kimchi, Spicy Rice Cakes, And Octopus.

The Area Is Quite Well Lit And Has A Pleasant Atmosphere. In Addition To That, They Provide Breakfast!


Because It Has The Quaint Atmosphere Of A Neighborhood, Cantinetta Won My Heart Immediately. You Know How There Are Moments When You Just Want To Go Somewhere That Makes You Feel Comfortable And At Ease, Like Your Own Home?

This Is Where You’ll Find Cantinetta. Along With A Nice Glass Of Red Wine, They Serve Unbelievably Delicious Italian Food, And The Atmosphere Manages To Be Both Sophisticated And Homey At The Same Time.

Cantinetta Is Where We Go When We Are In The Company Of Good Friends And Want To Go Somewhere Where We Can Converse While Also Enjoying A Meal That Is Both Delicious And Filling.

Plus, Homemade Spaghetti. Do I Even Need To Continue?


This Establishment Has Been Highlighted In A Number Of Different Publications As One Of The Best Cocktail Bars In The United States.

About Six Years Ago, When Seattle’s Best And Most Beloved Bartender Was Working There, The Establishment Experienced A Meteoric Rise In Popularity. Its Notoriety Has Never Diminished.

There Are Very Few Exceptions To The Rule That States That You Need A Reservation To Enter.

After The Chef From Another Of My Favorite Restaurants, Which Is No Longer Open, Took The Helm At Canon, It Quickly Rose To The Ranks Of My Most Often Frequented Dining Establishments.

You Can Now Order An Excellent Plate Of Food To Complement The Expertly Made Cocktail That Has Been Brought To You. The Platter Of Small Pork Liver Buns Deserves Special Mention For Their Deliciousness.

If You Go There And Don’t Order Them, You Will Be Making A Significant Error Of Judgment.

The Corson Building

An Evening Spent At The Corson Building Is Unlike Any Other Restaurant Experience; Rather, It Is A Unique Event In Which You And A Large Group Of Your Friends — Some Of Whom You May Not Even Know — Partake In A Shared, Community Meal. Having Supper With Complete Strangers, Yes.

If You Are Not Comfortable Sitting At A Table With Strangers And Passing A Dish Around In A Family-Style Setting Throughout The Evening, Then This Is Not The Place For You.

There Is Just One Big Table, And Everything Is Served In The Style Of A Family Meal. Despite This, It’s A Ton Of Fun, You Get To Hang Out With Some Interesting People, And You Get To Consume A Lot Of Pretty Delicious Food.


My Go-To Spot For Sunday Brunch Is Lola, Which Is Located In The Heart Of Seattle And Is Owned By One Of The City’s Most Successful Restaurateurs, Tom Douglas.

If I Had A Choice, That Is What I Would Order For Brunch Every Time. The Lunch And Supper Menus Feature Meals That Are Heavily Influenced By Greek Cuisine, And All Of The Options Are Excellent.

However, Greek Cuisine Is Not The Primary Focus Of The Brunch. If You Are Extremely Hungry, You Have The Option Of Ordering A Full Breakfast That Includes Eggs, Potatoes, Sausage, And Bacon.

You Could Also Have The Eggs Benedict, Which Is One Of My Favorite Dishes And Is Virtually Unequaled. The Muffins Include A Generous Amount Of Ham, Two Eggs That Have Been Poached To Perfection, And Hollandaise Sauce Splattered All Over The Top Of Them.

It’s Without A Doubt The Greatest Hollandaise Sauce I’ve Come Across Anywhere. The Mashed Potatoes That Are Served With It Are A Thing Of Wonder In And Of Themselves.

If You Still Have Space In Your Stomach, Don’t Forget To Add Some Doughnuts To Your Order.


Now That You Have This Information, You Can Make An Informed Decision On Where To Eat When You Visit Seattle.

I Guarantee That If You Eat At Any One Of These 11 Restaurants In Seattle, Not Only Will You Have A Fantastic Meal, But You Will Also Feel Compelled To Express Your Gratitude To Me In Person By Asking Me Along.

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