The 15 Best Attractions And Things To Do In Downtown Area Of Seattle

Even Though It Was Established In The Middle Of The Nineteenth Century And Has A History That Stretches Back To The Days Of The Gold Rush, Downtown Seattle Is A Startling Example Of A Modern Metropolitan Area.

There Are Only About Two Dozen Historic Structures Located Inside Its Boundaries. Downtown Seattle Is Home To Numerous Skyscrapers, The Tallest Of Which Has An Astounding Seventy-Six Stories.

These Structures Make Up For The Absence Of Historical Structures In The Area.

Seattle May Be The Home City Of Starbucks, But In Downtown Seattle, There’s More To Do Than Lounging Around Drinking Coffee.

Downtown Seattle Possesses A One-Of-A-Kind Waterfront That Serves A Variety Of Purposes On The Social As Well As The Industrial Level. This Waterfront Looks Out Onto The Vast Length Of Eliot Bay.

Take A Stroll Along The Pier And Stop For A Feast Of Seafood Before Having Your Palm Read In Front Of The Glassy-Eyed Gaze Of Shrunken Heads. Alternatively, You May Watch Cargo Ships Being Loaded While Rotating On One Of The Largest Ferris Wheels In The United States.

Diverse Is The Only Adjective That Adequately Captures The Character Of Downtown Seattle In Seattle.

If You Check Out Some Of The Top Things To Do In Downtown Seattle, You’ll Quickly Realize How Diverse The Area Is. Here Are Fifteen Of The Best Things To Do In Downtown Seattle.

1. Westlake Center

At The Westlake Center, A Shopping Mall That Spans Four Stories In Downtown Seattle, You May Shop Till You Drop. The Commercial Complex With Glass Frontage Can Be Found On Pine Street And Is Home To High-End Boutiques And Restaurants.

There Is A Wide Variety Of Retail Establishments To Peruse, Ranging From High-End Jewelry Stores To Handmade Cosmetics Shops To Designer Clothing Boutiques, Among Others.

After You’ve Had Your Fill Of Retail Therapy, Take A Break At A Local Establishment Like Starbucks For A Cup Of Their Legendary Coffee Or A Freshly Squeezed Fruit And Vegetable Juice. Enjoy!

2. Pinball Museum

When you go to the Pinball Museum, which is located on Maynard Avenue in Downtown Seattle, you’ll get the chance to become a pinball whiz. This peculiar museum houses a collection of fifty vintage pinball machines that date from the early 1960s all the way up to the 2000s.

The displays are entirely interactive, and you are free to try out as many of them as you like. Don’t expect a quiet visit. When a new high score is achieved, there will be a commotion consisting of bells, flashing lights, and the occasional round of applause.

Pinball is an enjoyable game that may quickly become a surprise addicting. It’s possible that you’ll be there for some time. If you work up a sweat while playing, quench your thirst with one of the museum’s old-fashioned sodas to boost your performance.

3. Paramount Theater

The Paramount Theater First Opened Its Doors In The Late 1920s As A Cinema And Music Hall. It Is Currently Located In One Of The Historic Buildings That Can Be Found In Downtown Seattle.

The Theater’s Interior Is Now A Luxury Multi-Purpose Performing Arts Complex, And It Features An Extremely Adorned High Ceiling, Balcony, And Seating Capacity For Approximately Three Thousand Audience Members.

The Theater, Which Is Located On Pine Street In Downtown, Plays Host To Big Broadway Shows, Concerts, Productions For Television, And Musicals On A Regular Basis. Some Examples Of These Shows Include Cats, The Lion King, And School Of Rock.

4. Space Needle

Even Though It Is Located On The Outskirts Of Downtown Seattle, The Space Needle Is Where Visitors Should Go To Obtain The Most Breathtaking Views Of The Central Business District.

The Six-Hundred-Fifty-Foot Tower Is The Most Recognisable Feature In The City. It Towers Over The Other Structures In The Area, Providing Unobstructed And Stunning Views Of Downtown, The Water, And The Surrounding Mountains.

The Lower Observation Deck Of The Needle Features A Revolving Glass Floor, And The Higher Observation Deck Features Floor-To-Ceiling Glass Walls With Clear Chairs That Allow Visitors To Take Great Selfies With The Cityscape As The Only Background.

Try Your Hand At The Simulated Bungee Leap If You Think You Have The Guts For It. Your Experience Of Downtown Seattle As Seen From This Vantage Point Will Be Elevated To An Entirely New Level.

5. Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

There’s Fun To Be Had In The Bizarre And Amazing. Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, Located At Pier 54 On Downtown Seattle’s Waterfront, Is The Place To Go To Learn About Strange And Macabre Things.

The Store And Museum Combine Their Interests To Create An Atmosphere That Celebrates The Macabre And The Bizarre.

You Will Be Horrified By The Petrified Mummies With Their Mouths Open, Grossed Out By The Collection Of Shrunken Heads, And Amused By The Animals With Two Heads Or The Poultry With Four Legs.

Do You Have A Burning Curiosity For What Is Ahead?

Give Estrella, The Gypsy Fortune Teller, A Dollar And Wait For Her To Hand You A Card That Has Your Future Written On It. She Will Do This Once You Have Given Her The Dollar.

6. Starbucks Reserve & Roastery

Pike Street In Downtown Seattle Is Home To The Starbucks Reserve And Roastery, Which Offers Guests The Opportunity To Learn About The History Of Coffee And Its Culture.

Witness The Entirety Of The Coffee-Making Process, Beginning With The Delivery Of The Beans In Sacks, Continuing With The Beans’ Movement Through The Loading Pit, And Culminating With The Beans’ Roasting And Grinding.

Take Pleasure In The Finished Product Presented In One Of The Numerous Guises Available, Ranging From Espresso Served On A Daily Basis To A Quadruple Eight-Ounce Box Of Clover Brewed Reserve Blends.

You’ll Walk Away Knowing Everything There Is To Know About Coffee.

Do You Have A Burning Desire To Go To The Very First Starbucks Store? Pike Place’s Roastery Is Only Nine Streets Distant From The Location In Question.

Walking From One Location To Another Will Assist Reduce The Amount Of Caffeine In Your System, Allowing You To Make Room For More.

7. Klondike Gold Rush Museum

The Klondike Gold Rush Museum Is Located In A Structure With Two Levels On Second Avenue In The Central Business District Of Seattle.

It Is Feasible To Investigate The Impact That The Gold Rush Had On Seattle By Going To The Museum And Looking At The Various Exhibits And Artifacts That Pertain To The Time Period That Are On Show There.

Learn About Real People Who Lived During That Era By Viewing Three Different Short Film Presentations.

Find Out Who The Buffalo Soldiers Were And Watch A Live Demonstration Of How Gold Is Sifted For Its Precious Metal.

Even Though It’s Not Very Big, The Gold Rush Museum Offers A Fascinating Look Into The History That Shaped Seattle Into The Metropolis It Is Today.

8. The Diller Room

The Diller Room Is A Speakeasy-Style Bar That Can Be Found On 1st Avenue In Downtown Seattle. The Space That Is Now Occupied By The Bar Was Formerly The Lobby Of The Diller Hotel,

Which Served As A Common Site For Early Settlers To Stay While They Were On Their Way To Or From The Klondike During The Gold Rush.

The Bar Exudes An Air Of Seclusion In Keeping With The Speakeasy Motif And Is Decked Out In Gleaming Wood And Exposed Brick, Evoking The Aesthetic Of A Traditional British Watering Hole From Days Gone By.

If You Select A Drink From The Extensive Drink List Offered By The Diller Rooms, Then Relax On The Padded Leather Seating And Close Your Eyes, It Won’t Be Hard For You To Picture Yourself In The Era Of Prohibition.

9. The Spheres

The Three Gigantic Glass Globes Known As “The Spheres” May Be Found Atop The Amazon Headquarters Building On 7th Avenue In Downtown Seattle.

They Were Designed To Provide An Innovative Working Environment For The Employees Of The Company And Contain Approximately Forty Thousand Different Types Of Cloud Forest Plants.

The Heart Of Downtown Seattle Has Been Turned Into A Veritable Jungle.

Take A Tour Into The Understory While You Are Visiting The Headquarters Of Amazon, And Learn Everything There Is To Know About The Spheres And How They Came To Be.

In Contrast To The Spheres, The Understory Is Accessible To The General Public On A Daily Basis Throughout The Week. You Will Only Be Able To Visit The Spheres On Alternate Saturdays Of Each Month, And You Will Need To Make A Reservation In Advance In Order To Do So.

When You Take The Complete Amazon Hq Tour, You Will Get To Visit The Spheres As Part Of The Experience.

10. Crab Pot

Seafood Is The Most Popular Item On The Menus Of Restaurants Located In Downtown Seattle. Try Out The Crab Pot, Located On Pier 57, For An Experience That Is Not Only Authentic But Also Delicious.

The Crab Pot Is A Restaurant That Is Famous For Its Sea Feasts And Has Been Featured On The Television Show Man V. Food.

When You Order An Alaskan, You Can Anticipate Receiving A Big Platter That Is Packed To The Brim With Every Form Of Seafood The Ocean Has To Offer, Topped With Crab, Crab, And More Crab.

Do Not Anticipate Staying In A Luxurious Environment. You’ll Be Required To Wear A Bib, And The Tables Are Covered In Paper Cloths. The Floor Is Made Of Old Tile. Consuming Crab Definitely Has The Potential To Be A Messy Endeavor.

11. Seattle Art Museum

On The First Avenue In Downtown Seattle Stands A Building That Cannot Be Missed: The Seattle Art Museum. The Enormous Metal Sculpture Known As The Hammering Man Stands Fifty Feet Tall And Dominates The Plaza In Front Of The Museum.

The Statue, Which Is Part Of A Worldwide Collection Portraying People And Their Labors And Features An Automated Arm, Is One Example Of The Series.

It Swings Its Hammer At A Rate Of Four Times Per Minute, Making It An Excellent Subject For An Instagram Photo.

Within The Walls Of The Museum Itself, There Are Multiple Floors Of Exhibitions That House Collections Originating From Countries All Over The World.

There Are Examples Of Everything From Ancient American Art To Inventions Made By Australian Aboriginal People, In Addition To Modern Works Of Art That Are Presented In A Variety Of Styles.

12. Harbor Cruise

Pier 55 Is The Starting Point For A Relaxing One-Hour Ride Around Downtown Seattle’s Waterfront Aboard An Open-Topped Boat.

As The Boat Makes Its Way Around Eliot Bay, The Tour Guide Provides Entertaining And Informative Historical Information And Tales About Downtown Seattle, The Bay, And Puget Sound.

On One Side Of The Boat, You’ll Have Incredible Views Of Downtown, And On The Other, You’ll Be Able To See Right Over To The Olympic And Cascade Mountain Ranges From Where You’ll Be Able To See Right Over To The Olympic And Cascade Mountain Ranges.

The Sailing Takes In The Busy Cargo Ship Area Before Heading Along The Waterfront. Just Gorgeous.

13. Pike Place Market

Since The Early 1900s, Pike Place Market Has Been Open For Business In The Heart Of Downtown Seattle, Making It One Of The Us’s Longest Continuously Functioning Farmer’s Markets.

The Market On First Avenue Is Conveniently Located On The Water’s Edge And Offers Breathtaking Vistas Of The Bay And Its Surroundings.

Before Exploring The More Than Eighty Restaurants And More Than Two Hundred Businesses, Take A Stroll Through The Passageways Lined With Kiosks Selling Fresh Food Grown In Washington State By Local Farmers.

The Market Is Open On A Daily Basis And Is A Bustling Center Of Activity. It Is Possible To Take A Culinary Class Taught By A Trained Chef, A Guided Walking Tour, Or Observe An Artist At Work In One Of The Various Studios Located Throughout The Market.

The Pike Place Market Has Been A Mainstay In Downtown Seattle For Generations. It Would Be A Shame To Miss Out.

14. Olympic Sculpture Park

At The Olympic Sculpture Park On Western Avenue In Downtown Seattle, Visitors May See A One-Of-A-Kind Blend Of Art And The Natural Environment.

This Peculiar Public Park Encompasses Eight And A Half Acres Of Land And Features Trails That Slope Geometrically And Wind Around A Total Of Twenty Individual Sculptures.

There Are Many Different Artistic Masterpieces, Such As A Vivarium With Mushrooms And Moss Growing On A Tree Trunk, Benches That Depict Eyeballs, Fountains With Double Jets, And A Beautiful Glass Bridge.

The Park Features A Slender Section Of Beach That Looks Out Towards The Bay; This Beach Is The Ideal Spot To Relax And Reflect On The Meaning Behind The Sculptures That Are Located In The Park.

In Addition, There Is A Modest Theater For Use During Open-Air Events.

15. Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel Is A Ferris Wheel That Is One Hundred And Seventy-Five Feet Tall And Is Located On Pier 57 Along The Major Waterfront In Downtown Seattle.

As You Ascend Into The Air On One Of The Wheel’s Forty-Two Gondolas, You’ll Have Breathtaking Panoramas Of The Cityscape And Of Eliot Bay Stretching Out In Front Of You.

The Rides On The Wheel Run Anywhere From Twelve To Twenty Minutes, And They Guarantee That You Will Complete A Minimum Of Three Full Rotations Throughout Your Ride.

This Is More Than Enough Time To Take In All Of The Views And Also Take A Lot Of Pictures.

Take The Extra Special Journey In The Vip Gondola, Which Features A Glass Floor And Comes With A Drink And A T-Shirt As A Memento Of Your Experience Already Included In The Price.

Plan Your Trip To Coincide With The Sunset, Or Go After It Has Already Gotten Dark. It’s A Truly Magical Journey.

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