15 Unique Activities Things That Can Only Be Found In Seattle

The Crown Jewel Of The Pacific Northwest In The United States, Seattle Is One Of Those Cities In Which People Want To Live, And After Going There For Ourselves, We Understood Why That Is The Case.

Because Seattle Offers Visitors Such A Diverse Selection Of One-Of-A-Kind Activities, You Won’t Have Any Trouble Falling In Love With The City.

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Only Going To Be In Seattle For A Few Hours, If You’re Going To Be There For A Few Days, Or If You’re Going To Be Moving There Permanently: The List Of Things To Do In Seattle Is Virtually Endless.

To Help You Get Started, Though, We Have Selected 24 Of Seattle’s Most Interesting And Off-The-Beaten-Path Hidden Gems.


Do You Enjoy Sipping Great Craft Beer While Playing A Round Of Mini Golf? If So, You’ve Found One Of Seattle’s Top Recommendations For A Good Time! Craft Beer Is Served, And You Are Welcome To Bring Your Canine Companion To Flatstick Pub, Which Also Features Hand Stick Games, Mini Golf, Gigantic Jenga, And Huge Connect Four.

Although There Are Two Sites, The One In Pioneer Square Is The Only One We Visited, And We Had A Great Time There.

If We Hadn’t Had A Flight To Catch Later That Day, We Definitely Would Have Stayed Here For The Entirety Of The Afternoon!


Renting A Houseboat As Tom Hanks Did In The Movie “Sleepless In Seattle” Is An Excellent Idea. There Are Options That Are More Expensive, As Well As Options That Are More Reasonable.

This Is One Of The More Unusual Things To Do In Seattle, And If You’re A Big Fan Of Romantic Comedies Like The Movie Sleepless In Seattle, You’ll Definitely Want To Check It Out!


Did You Know That You Can Rent A Treehouse To Sleep In In The City Of Seattle? This Has Had To Be One Of The Most Awesome And One-Of-A-Kind Experiences You Can Have In Seattle.

Check Out Some Of The Fantastic Possibilities At Treehouse Point, Located Just 30 Minutes Outside Of The City, As Well As This Treehouse Home Rental On Vrbo, Which Is Located Just 10 Miles Outside Of The City.


One Of The Most Memorable Experiences You Can Have In Seattle Is Taking One Of Their World-Famous Seaplane Tours To Get A Bird’s-Eye View Of The City. During Our Kenmore Picturesque Seaplane Tour, We Had A Wonderful Time.

It Was A Journey That Lasted For Twenty Minutes And Went Directly Over The Space Needle In Addition To Providing A View Of All The Other Attractions In The City.

When The Weather Is Clear, You Will Get A Wonderful View Of Mount Rainier As Well As All Of The Other Local Mountain Ranges.

The Landing And Takeoff Of A Seaplane Are So Incredibly Smooth That It Is Hard To Believe! It Is Strongly Recommended That You Look Into This For Yourself.


There Is An Actual Case Of Another One Of Seattle’s Oddball Treasures Is Called Up House. The Elderly Lady Who Used To Reside In The House In Ballard Was Adamant That She Would Not Sell The Property To A Large Development Company.

In The End, The House Is Still There, Even Though Large Developers Erected All Around It, Leaving No Extra Space.

Even Though It Appears That No One Lives In The House At The Present Time, The Owners Continue To Refuse To Sell It, And It Has Become A Well-Known Landmark In The Area.

You May Read The Complete Account, Or You Can Go There For Yourself! There Are Times When People Tie Balloons To It, However When We Went There Weren’t Any Balloons Attached To It.


The Guinness Storehouse In Dublin And The Heineken Experience In Amsterdam Are Two Examples Of Attractions That Are Analogous To The Starbucks Reserve Roastery On Capitol Hill.

It’s Not Just Your Typical Starbucks; Think Of It As More Of An Experience. This Enormous Facility Is Stuffed With Copper Apparatus That Toasts The Coffee Beans In Front Of The Customer’s Very Eyes.

There Are A Number Of Bars That Will Prepare Your Preferred Cup Of Joe Exactly How You Like It, And There Is Even A Shop That Will Sell Every Type Of Coffee Accessory You Can Think Of.

The Cold Brew Float Is The Establishment’s Most Recognisable And Original Beverage Offering. You Absolutely Must Give It A Try For Yourself And Savor The Whole Experience That Is A Dream Come True For Coffee Lovers.


Did You Know That In The Past, People Really Rode Elevators And Operated Them? We Had Never Seen Something Like This In Either Of Our Lifetimes, So The Discovery That We Could Ride In One At Smith Tower Came As A Pleasant Surprise.

You Got The Impression That The Elevator Operator Was From The Well-Known Ride At Disneyland Known As Hollywood’s Tower Of Terror Due To The Fact That They Dressed Like Elderly Bellhops.

The Operator Will Lead You Up To The Observatory Level, Where You Will Find A Period Room Designed In The Style Of The Great Gatsby. Here, You Will Be Able To Enjoy Excellent Cocktails While Taking In An Even More Fantastic View Over Seattle.

Given The Ambiance And The Hip Lounge That Are Found At The Top Of Smith Tower, We Believe That This Location Offers The Best View Of The City.

In Favor Of These Underappreciated Things To Do In Seattle, You Should Skip The Pricey And Overcrowded Space Needle And Check Out Some Of These Other Options Instead.


If There Are Any People Out There Who Are Lovers Of The Show “Twin Peaks,” Then This One’s For You!

The Actual Village And Cafe Where The Popular Drama From The 1990s That Was Only Able To Make It To Two Seasons Was Filmed Is Just About A 40-Minute Drive West Of Seattle, Close To The World-Famous Snoqualmie Falls.

A Cult Following Was Able To Develop For The Series Despite The Fact That It Had Only Two Seasons When It Was First Shown. Pay A Visit To Twede’s Cafe As Well As All Of The Other Local Shooting Spots.


Just Underneath Pike Place Market And Just Adjacent To The Market Theater Is Where You’ll Find The World-Famous Gum Wall. According To Urban Legend, A Cocky Comic Who Was Playing At The Theater Was Warned That Chewing Gum Was Not Permitted Inside As He Was Approaching The Building.

As A Response, He Took The Gum, Stuck It To The Wall, And Walked Inside As A Real Way To Show The Bouncer Who Was In Charge Of Him Who Was Boss.

People Started Sticking Their Used Gum On The Wall Once They Gained Wind Of What Was Going On Eventually. The City Has Cleaned It Twice, But It Still Continues To Become More Cluttered;

However, They Now Recognise Its Value As A Tourist Attraction And Are Happy To Accommodate The Growing Number Of Visitors.


Observe The Fishmongers At Pike Place Market As They Compete To See Who Can Toss The Fish The Farthest. This Is One Of The Most Popular Activities To Do In Seattle.

When Someone Buys One Of The Day’s Catch, The Fishmongers Toss It Back And Forth To Each Other As A Kind Of Entertainment For Tourists.

This Has Become An Attraction In And Of Itself, Drawing Large Crowds Of People Who Are Prepared To Video The Event On Their Mobile Devices.

Because The Fish Are So Large And Are Being Thrown Around Like Ragdolls, It Is An Impressive Sight To Behold And A Lot Of Fun To Watch As Well.

You Don’t Need To Worry About Missing It; All You Need To Do Is Hang Around For Approximately Five To Ten Minutes So The Audience Can Be Satisfied.


A Genuine Seattle Hidden Gem! In The Heart Of One Of The City’s Most Lively Neighborhoods! There Is A World Famous Enormous Shoe Museum At The Basement Level Of Pike Place Market, And It’s One Of The Most Kitschy And Entertaining Things To Do In Seattle!

Although The Museum Isn’t Very Big And Just Takes Up A Portion Of One Wall, It Does Provide Visitors With A Glimpse Of What An Old-Fashioned Circus Show Could Have Looked Like.

It Is Only Fifty Cents To Take A Look At The Exhibit, So It Would Be A Shame To Pass Up The Opportunity.


Amphibious Vehicles From World War Ii Will Take You On A Tour Of Seattle. After Making Your Way Around The City’s Most Popular Attractions, You Will Have The Opportunity To Drive Right Into Lake Union And Create A Splash.

Duck Boat Tours Are Offered On A Daily Basis; But, As A Result Of A Recent Incident, Many Individuals Are Too Terrified To Ride In These Vehicles.

While Safety Should Always Come First, Taking A Ride On A Duck Boat In Seattle Is Without A Doubt One Of The City’s Most Unusual Things To Do.


This Tour Is One Of The Most Enjoyable Things To Do In Seattle, And That’s True Even If You Don’t Believe In Ghosts As Scott Does.

Our Tour Guide Was Very Knowledgeable And Provided A Wealth Of Information, As Well As A Large Amount Of Visual And Auditory Evidence, To Accompany The Tales Of Ghostly Occurrences In Seattle’s Historic Pioneer Square.

This Was One Of The Greatest Guided Tours That We Have Ever Gone On Because The Tour Guide Provided Us With Some Background Information About The City.

There Are Some Spooky Stories That Take Place In Seattle, But The Highlight Of The Trip Would Have Been When We Got To Travel Through A Haunted Underground Area At The Very End.

There Are Some Eerie Stories That Take Place In Seattle. With Spooked In Seattle, You Won’t Need To Choose Between Going On A Ghost Tour And An Underground Tour Since You Get The Best Of Both Worlds With Just One Experience!


Under The Streets Of Seattle Lies One Of The City’s Most Alluring And Delightfully Concealed Treasures, In My Opinion. Did You Know That On Top Of An Abandoned Underground City In Seattle There Is A Whole City That Was Built On Top Of?

Following The Devastating Fire In 1889 That Wiped Out 31 Blocks In The Central Business District Of Seattle, The City Rebuilt Itself On Top Of The Subsurface, Leaving Behind Abandoned Passages And Rooms That Have Since Become A Popular Tourist Attraction.

Some Structures Even Have A Basement Level That Was Left Over From The Underground; You Can Identify This If The Basement Has A Window In It That Views In The Opposite Direction Of The Rest Of The Building.

Taking A Tour Is Highly Recommended If You Want To Learn More About The Underworld And The Fascinating History That Lies Behind It.

This Is Also In The Vicinity Of Pioneer Square, Which Is One Of Our Most Favorite Places In Seattle To Investigate Further.


The Fremont Troll Was Erected In 1990 After The Community Came To The Consensus That It Was Necessary To Prevent Undesirable Individuals From Congregating And Using Drugs Under The Bridge.

His Goal Was Accomplished, But Today A Different Kind Of People Come Here To View One Of The Most Distinctive Things To Do In Seattle, Which You Won’t Be Able To Find Anyplace Else. These Individuals Are Gawkers.

You’ll Also Note That The Troll Is Clenching An Old Volkswagen Beetle In His Fist Really Tightly As Well. Make Sure To Explore The Area On All Fours And Take Some Pictures While You’re At It.

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