10 Seattle Seafood Restaurants You Must Visit

It is tough to choose which restaurant in Seattle serves the best seafood because there are so many excellent options all across the city. Seafood is practically synonymous with Seattle.

Because of this, we made the executive decision to compile a list of some of the most well-known and delectable ones for your benefit.

1. Pike Place Chowder

Pike Place Chowder Is A Popular Dish That Draws In A Large Number Of Customers And Is Known For Being An Attraction For Tourists Because Of Its High Quality. Those Who Have A Hankering For Seafood Will Find That Their Seafood Rolls And Chowder Made In The New England Manner Are The Ideal Bites To Satisfy That Craving.

There Is A Wide Variety Of Options Available To You Here; However, You Should Be Aware That In Order To Get What You Want, You Will Have To Stand In Line For A Little While.

You Have The Option Of Ordering The Crab And Oyster Chowder, The Smoked Salmon Chowder, Or The Lime And Coconut Chowder.

2. Navy Strenght

This Tiki Bar Is Perfect For You If You’re Searching For A Chill Environment To Enjoy Some Seafood In, As It Has Both. There Is No Question That Navy Strength Is A Bar; Nevertheless,

It Is Also Known For Having Some Of The Most Delicious Seafood Appetizers In The Entire City. Poke Bowls, Ahi Tuna Bites, And Oysters Are Among Their Most Popular Items, And You Shouldn’t Pass Them Up.

Take In Some Tropic Vibes, Enjoy Some Colorful Flavors, And Sip On Some Delectable Cocktails!

3. Westward

This Stunning And Spacious Restaurant Is The Ideal Location In Which To Indulge In Delectable Seafood While Taking In A View That Cannot Be Topped.

This Establishment Has One Of The Most Breathtaking Views Of The Lakeside, And Its Patio Is Just Made For Enjoying Meals In The Fresh Air.

Westward Features An Outdoor Fire Pit, Seating Along The Beach, And Delectable Food That Is Sustainably Sourced.

This Restaurant Is The Ideal Place To Sample Some Of The Fresh Oysters That Are Available In The Area.

4. RockCreek Seafood

Any Person Who Enjoys Seafood Will Be Blown Away By How Great This Place Is. Eric Donnelly, The Executive Chef At Rockcreek Seafood, Is Responsible For The Restaurant’s Ingenious And Alluring Cuisine, Which He Designed.

If You Get The Chance, Try To Grab A Seat On The Top Floor Where The Decor Is More Varied And Has More Of A Country Feel.

Dishes Such As The Barbequed Spanish Octopus And The Neah Bay Black Cod Served With A Sherry-Lime Sauce, Caramelized Shallots, And Provencal Herbs Are Examples Of Luxury Supper Dishes That Can Be Enjoyed At This Restaurant.

5. Sushi Kashiba

Master Sushi Chef Shiro Has More Than Half A Century’s Worth Of Experience, And He Uses That Expertise To Create The Finest Sushi In All Of Seattle.

Incredible Items, Such As Cucumber Fish Salad And Tuna Poke Bowls, Can Be Found At Sushi Kashiba, Which Is Without A Doubt One Of The Most Authentic Sushi Restaurants In The World.

You Are Welcome To Purchase Meals A La Carte, But The Best Way To Experience The Restaurant Is At The Chef’s Counter, Where You Can See Chef Shiro Produce An Outstanding Omakase Menu Right In Front Of You.

If You Want To Get A Spot At The Counter, You Should Get There Well Before The Establishment Opens In Order To Give Yourself The Best Chance Of Doing So.

Although There Are No Reservations Available For This Experience, You Are Always Welcome To Phone Ahead And Ask About Making A Reservation At The Restaurant Sitting.

6. The Walrus and the Carpenter

Oysters Are The Star Attraction At This Restaurant. Both The Walrus And The Carpenter Provide Tastes That Cannot Be Compared And Incredible Delicacy.

If We’re Going To Speak About Something That’s Not As Good As Their Steak Tartare, We Shouldn’t Even Bother With The Bread And Butter Because It’s That Good (One Of The Best In Seattle).

This Oyster Bar Is Hidden Away In The Heart Of Downtown Ballard, And Despite Its Small Size, It Boasts An Amazing Decor And A Welcoming Atmosphere.

If You Plan On Going To This Location, You Should Call Ahead And Make A Reservation Because The Space Can Only Accommodate So Many People At Once.

7. Seattle Fish Guys

You’ll Have To Go Out And Catch Your Own Seafood If You Want It To Be Even Slightly More Fresh Than What You Can Get At Seattle Fish Guys.

This Upscale Fish Shop Takes Great Pride In Providing Amazing Fish That Has Been Recently Caught.

This Establishment Can Be Found In The Center Of Seattle’s Central District, And Each And Every Item On Its Menu Is Of The Highest Quality.

You Should Give Their Cajun Crab And Shrimp Platter A Try, Then Wash It Down With Your Preferred Beer.

8. Jack’s Fish Spot

Do Not Pass Up The Opportunity To Indulge In Some Of The City’s Most Delicious Fish And Chips While You Are Out And About Exploring Pike Place Market.

Incredible Delicacies, All Created From Scratch Right In Front Of Your Eyes, Are Available At Jack’s Fish Spot.

You Have To Try His Perfectly Executed Version Of The Famous Seafood Dish, Which Consists Of Crispy Pacific Cod, Handmade French Fries, And Tartar Sauce.

9. Ray’s Boathouse

Spending A Warm Day Here And Unwinding On Their Patio Is A Fantastic Way To Spend The Day. The Drinks And Food At Ray’s Boathouse Are Wonderful, And The Atmosphere Is Just Right For Enjoying A Leisurely Lunch While Looking Out Over The River.

Do Not Pass Up The Opportunity To Indulge In The Smoked Sablefish And The Wild-Caught Halibut Served With Potato Gnocchi And Mushrooms; It Is A Delicacy That Is Universally Praised By Guests.

Book Sure To Make Reservations In Advance If You Want To Eat At This Legendary Location In Seattle, Since It Is The Perfect Place To Have A Laid-Back Lunch With A Hot Date.

10. Elliott’s Oyster House

We Had No Choice But To Begin With This Well-Known Location By The Water’s Edge. Elliott’s Oyster House, Which Can Be Found On Pier 56, Is An Excellent Location From Which To Take In Breathtaking Views Of Puget Sound While Dining On Delicious Seafood.

This Restaurant Is Perfect For Those Who Want To Have A Nice Bottle Of Wine With Their Freshly Shucked Oysters, Crab Cakes, Or Salmon Sliders.

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